About Us

Perhaps you’re here because you saw two words around town.  Maybe you were just curious what this whole 2wordstory.com thing was about.  Or maybe something made you really stop and think about your own life, that you needed that very thing you saw…peace, love, joy, acceptance, purpose, confidence…the list goes on.
The people on this site are just everyday people like you right here from Metro Detroit.  They have a story.  A 2WordStory.  The first word was the thing in their lives that was missing, a void perhaps.  The second word is what they found as they experienced the life changing love and grace of Jesus Christ.  He changed them from the inside out.
As you listen to these stories, you may have questions so we invite you to go to the Connect with Us section and send us an email or give us a call.  We’d love to talk to you.
2WordStory.com is part of something much larger than this website though.  It’s part of a movement called EACH.  More than 500 evangelical Christian churches and ministries across the Metro Detroit region have joined together, as one, to make the love of Jesus known.  We will continue to listen to the stories of the people in our lives, share our 2WordStories if asked and show people the love of Jesus by our actions as we reach those people in need in our communities.
You will see just a sampling of some of those actions in the Get Involved section.  The highlighted projects are those larger EACH initiatives.  Individual churches are joining together all across this region to serve in their immediate communities.  We invite you to serve with us.  Come build a home with us, tutor a child or feed the hungry.
Metro Detroit has been hit hard by the changing times of this economy. We believe that the love that has transformed our lives, the love of Jesus Christ, has the power to create a new story of hope for our region…one life at a time.  Hope?  Hope.