Daily Bread Mobile Feeding

These are tough times for Metro Detroit. Unemployment, homelessness, and hunger surround us. But we aren’t without hope. For we know that through Him and in Him, all things are possible. Forgotten Harvest and EACH have partnered together to minister to the hurting, the forgotten and the hungry. It’s our mission – through the Daily Bread – to feed them body and soul.

To date, Daily Bread has served over 65,000 meals and hundreds of volunteers are working to refer those in need to shelter, personal counseling, job counseling, spiritual guidance and more.

Volunteers are needed to pick fresh produce and load a Forgotten Harvest truck that will be on its way to the tables of those in need. Dates and locations are listed below. Volunteers can register on-line at forgottenharvest.org or contact the Volunteer Manager, Marci Fitch at 248-967-1500 x 125 or mfitch@forgottenharvest.org .

TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. for all dates and locations.


Casco Township Farm
3800 Church Rd.,
Casco Twp. MI 48064
(Near Richmond)

Oakland County Farm
Springfield Oaks Community Service Gardens
12451 Andersonville Rd.
Oakland County 48350

Shelby Township Farm
5595 Auburn Rd.
Shelby Twp. 48137

Ray Township Farm
17000 29 Mile Rd.
Ray Township, MI 48096


August 4, 2012 – Ray Township Farm
August 8 – Casco Township Farm
August 11 – Casco Township Farm
August 15 – Casco Township Farm
August 18 – Casco Township Farm
August 19 – Ray Township Farm
August 22 – Casco Township Farm
August 26 – Casco Township Farm
August 29 – Casco Township Farm

Tentative Dates:

August 10 -Shelby Township Farm

August 23 – Shelby Township Farm

August 30 – Oakland County Farm

Truckloads of food are delivered to various locations across our region. We are looking for people to help with Food Distribution and Ministry.

If you would like to be part of our team, who distributes food and ministers to those in need, please contact one of the below Daily Bread Agencies and they will let you know the day and time you will be needed.

New Breed (Chandler Park area), 4300 Marseilles, Detroit – Dr. Ken Howard 313.595.4358
Mt. Vernon Church (Brightmore area), 15125 Burt, Detroit – Herb Alexander 313.530.8955
Second Canaan (East Side), 9435 Hayes, Detroit – Ethal Kelley 313.521.8270

Landmark Church (South Oakland County), 24520 N. Chrysler, Hazel Pk. – Archie Hensley 248.703.5371
Matrix Human Services (North East Detroit), 13500 E. McNichols, Detroit – Sharon James 313.526.4000
Pilgrim Church (Conant Gardens area), 18474 Binder, Detroit – Pastor Griffin 313.590.4916
House of Help (Old Redford), 23700 Clarita, Detroit – Toni Anderson 248.796.1247